I have recently stumbled across a movie stub from 2001, although I’m humbled by this artifact as it was for Legally Blonde.

But I’m fascinated by the price. It was a Sunday afternoon matinee for $5. Today, the 2012 matinee ticket price at my local suburban AMC movie theater is $8. That’s a 60% price increase, and that fact got me wondering. If only the AMC Stubs program existed then.


Cost of Cinema Spectatorship over 11 Years





% Increase

Matinee ticket




Price of a loaf of bread[2]




Federal Minimum Wage[3]




Yearly Domestic Box Office Gross[4]




Avg Yearly Ticket Price[6]




This small sample of prices only creates an idea of how prices have increased over the years, and does not take into consideration inflation.


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