Michael Moore may throw in the towel when it comes to documentaries according to the Huffington Post. While many may be rejoicing in this news I certainly am not exactly happy.

I’m not a Michael Moore fan at all, and I disagree with many of his opinions as well as his documentary style. But at the same time, Moore delivers a punch to America in each and every film he makes. He stirs up the blood of Americans, Republican and Democratic. He creates the discussion, even if it eventually goes no where.

“Two years ago, I tried to get the health-care debate going, and it did eventually, and now where are we? We may not even have it. What am I supposed to do at a certain point?”

Moore’s above quote certainly points to a “I’ve done nothing beneficial” attitude. But he’s wrong. While Obama may be the forefront of the universal health care, Moore re-ignited the debate with Sicko. We may never get universal health care, that’s fine, but millions saw Sicko and may feel that its time for some compassion for all American people, some way or another.

I want to remind you that this isn’t a political post, this is about the art. Art sometimes begins with the boiling blood of someone with a voice. I think that Moore’s blood has been boiling for sometime now. A loaded gun can only shoot so many people, but a film can kill many more. It is Moore’s unwillingness to accept what is around him that gives him the reason to make documentaries. While some filmmakers want to simply entertain, others may want to add a little insight and opinion, whether it is accepted or not.

I don’t think Moore is throwing in the towel for monetary reasons. All his films in this decade have been very successful at the box office. If he is giving up because he feels that change hasn’t happened, well that’s not the reason to be a filmmaker.

What if Moore stops making documentaries and begins making fiction? Perhaps Moore could expand on his ideas using meaning and art rather than sources and stock footage.

Moore’s newest film about capitalism will anger more Americans. Good. I hope those who are angered pick up the pen, camera, keyboard and use their anger to bring rational thinking to others, whether they agree or disagree with Moore’s statements. Although the rational part may be few and far between. Perhaps someone will make another film that reacts against Moore’s, because that is what art is about.

I would like to see Moore continue with filmmaking, even if I disagree with all of them. At least, he uses the screen to promote his ideals, not a gun. I do not defend his political stance, but I do defend the filmmaker.



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