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Slashdot reports that several of massive box office flops this Summer, including R.I.P.D., After Earth, White House Down, Pacific Rim, and The Lone Ranger,  was predicted by Steven Spielberg during a

The Death of New York
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Years ago it was told to me by one of my Film Studies lecturers that due to the immense demand for screenwriters in the days of early Hollywood a lot of the New York playwrights of the east coast were lured westwards in order to write for the big studios.  This upheaval inspired a justifiable nostalgia for home in the writers and led them to represent their beloved Big

The Cult of Film Buffoonery Why Lists Create a False Sense of Film Knowledge
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Lists have become one of the most prevalent forms of content creation on the internet. It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive formats to procure, but it is also the shallowest and easiest to consume. The list has also become a mainstay on film blogs and blogs in general, and is indicative of bloggers’ inability to produce more meaningful content.

House of Cards
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One of the best new shows of the year never made it to air, and it never even attempted to do so. Furthermore, the entire thirteen episode season of House of Cards has been released at the same time. While not a first, it is an impressive feat as it stars Kevin Spacey with a southern drawl, and is produced by the cynical auteur David Fincher.

The South Korean Invasion
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2013 will see several new domestic theatrical releases directed by prominent South Korean directors. For the last decade, Park Chan-wook, Kim Jee-woon, and Bong Joon-ho have become some of the most prominent filmmakers in their country, and in the American tradition, have been invited to bring their talents to the States.

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The past few months there have been a slew of critics crying over the supposed end of classical cinema traditions in American film. Actually, much of it happened in a short spat in mid-September 2012. It is true, many of the mainstream movies are non-original projects and look nothing like the films that dominated the top tens of yesteryear.

Sight & Sound Top Ten Poll
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With the new Sight & Sound poll of critics’ 50 Greatest Films of All Time now published for 2012, the primary discussion has centered around Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo unseating Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane for the first time since 1962.

Representations of the Mother and Motherhood in Metropolis
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At this moment in film history, the restoration of Metropolis in 2010 is the most accurate representation of the original film released by UFA in 1927[1].

Rotten Tomato Movie Reviews
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Rotten tomato movie reviews can be an excellent film aggregation source to help determine the consensus of a film and to decide whether a film is worth your time. However, the site as a whole aggregates reviews from several websites and film critics, as well as individual users.

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"It's delicate, but potent," Don Draper says, describing nostalgia as a "pain from an old wound." Nostalgia has been the word of 2011 when it comes to the content produced by the American film and television industry. Content that has allowed us to return to time periods that have passed has reached an all-time high.