Pair a frighteningly strange male announcer with a whisker mustache and a Guinness World Record attempt at watching movies for 123 hours straight and you will endure an hour-long dramatic and comedic roller coaster ride. Eight contestants compete and collaborate while watching movies in the middle of Times Square, New York.

Hosted by Gavin McInnes, A Million in the Morning navigates through the physical and mental challenges of staying up, and watching movies for nearly 6 days straight. McInnes catapults himself into keeping himself busy while examining the phenomenon of keeping yourself awake. Watching McInnes spiral in and out of madness remains entertaining.

Within the first few moments of the film, Gavin McInnes presents himself as strange and weird. Slowly but surely, he proves himself as he presents us with the slow-paced Guinness World Record attempt. Of the eight competitors, most have competed in similar Guiness World Record attempts before. Interesting strategies reveal themselves such as dumping ice cubes down shorts and cycling.

While the attempt at this record is the primary challenge of the film, the sleep deprivation is the other. McInnes faithfully expresses this often and with perfection. In one particular moment, McInnes is interviewing one competitor who bit the dust and fell out of the competition. During their interview the competitor discusses how he began to see hallucinations while watching movies. According to McInnes’ narration, days without sleep can provoke hallucinations equal to five hits of LSD.

A Million in the Morning will be shown at the Florida Film Festival at Midnight on April 16th and 17th. At barely one hour in length, it is rather enjoyable to watch others suffer for our own amazement. Regardless, staying awake after 2 days is more than an accomplishment to me.

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