Our culture has become overrun by supernatural beast narratives, even the parodies have overstayed their welcome. Dick Night is a clever independent film that tends to hold the supposed supernatural beasts back until the final act, allowing for a sexual farce to develop in an isolated model home in the middle of the desert. By combining the current vampire, meth, and female sexuality trends in our culture, Dick Night assembles something rather original out of overtired conventions.

Rachel has occupied a model home owned by her parents and has entered a deep depression after her fiancée left her at the altar. After pizza boxes have accumulated around the house, her mother, with a small army of movers, hold an intervention to clean the home and insist that she starts dating again. Furthermore, they insist that she gets a roommate and have put up a room for rent sign. When Rachel finally chooses to indulge in a night of no-strings-attached sex, her options begin to mount unexpectedly.

Rachel is determined to sink her teeth into getting laid, except the teeth sinking will be inflicted by another party. What is originally her attempt to physically end her heartbreak through meaningless sex, Rachel’s mission devolves into a dark comedy where several possible partners converge to stake their claim. Despite Rachel’s penchant for pizza delivery for each meal, she has been surprisingly able to stave off obesity without exercise, making her attempts at a random sexual encounter relatively easy.

The model home that Rachel lives in sits isolated in the middle of a desert with poor cellular reception. The lone home represents her attractiveness while remaining lonely after being rejected, while the desert is an analogy for the dryness in her heart, possibly in her sexual interests. Furthermore, she has a cast at the beginning of the film from a broken, and its removal represents her coming out as a single, attractive female with a determination to strip away her funk.

Dick Night’s premise can easily fall into a raunchy cesspool of void of originality. Yet the film cleverly deviates from any predictable corners by stacking the stakes upon each other. However, most of the male characters are stereotypical, stoners, doctors, stoner delivery dudes, pesky skate board punks, and even suspicious mobile home dwellers not too far away. It’s all just too familiar. Just as the film tends to find a lull in its originality, it takes a massive turn, executed fairly well thanks to a well-placed callback early in the film.

Despite the film’s fresh premise and effective plot twist, Dick Night falls off quickly within its final moments. With such a satisfying amount of momentum in the form of a sex comedy the sense of urgency found in the third act disappears as night becomes day. The film is a relatively well produced indie for just about $50,000, which acknowledges the filmmakers ability to use their resources carefully to construct a clever story around menial locales.



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