When you bring together three acclaimed guitarists of their generation to discuss and play guitar you know It Might Get Loud. Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) has crafted a spectacular exploration of the defining instrument of rock n roll, the electric guitar.

The first scene, Jack White is building a one strong guitar out of wood boards, nails and a coke bottle. He plugs into a amplifier, wields a glass slide and begins to make the raw, distorted sounds he is known for. This opening scene strips the guitar down to the very essence of the instrument. A beautiful introduction indeed.

It Might Get Loud brings Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page together, explaining their rise to love the guitar, how they mastered it, then created their own distinguishing sound. Through crafty cinematography, Guggenheim brings together the stories of these impressive guitarists, tells their story, and brings them together to discuss the sounds that have changed the world.

Interesting tidbits about all three guitarists are sprinkled throughout the film, and Page offers never-before-seen home video footage of Led Zeppelin recording. It Might Get Loud is an honest and humble introspective on the guitar and rock n roll.

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