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Thanks for the review Aaron. I enjoyed the Bond movie as well, but had difficulty getting past the references to old Bond movies and similarities to the Dark Knight movies in plot. What i mean to say is that i thought Skyfall's plot was unoriginal. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be. The thing is that Mendes brought so many amazing elements to the film, like the style of the neon back light fight scene early in the movie or long shots that created a feel of the landscape, but I wasn't surprised or fascinated by the events of the plot. And that kind of held me back from loving the film in its entirety, instead of just loving all of the stellar individual elements within it. Reflecting more on it, the psychological aspects of Bond and MI6 were great, it was the villain plot points and relationship with M that felt lacking to me. I definitely felt that sense of "urgency" you mention about Silva, but not about what he was doing.

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