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Not long after Ruth (Rooney Mara) tells Bob (Casey Affleck) that she is pregnant, they commit armed robbery with another accomplice in a small town in Texas Hill Country. Several days later, the three are in a firefight with the police. Their third man is shot dead and Ruth shoots and wounds Officer Patrick Wheeler (Ben Foster). After they surrender, Bob admits that he was the one that had shot Officer Wheeler, and receives a long-term prison sentence in return.

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“Atypical” would be the word that best describes the story and performances in Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s most recent film. From the transformative performances from comedians Louis C.K.

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Whether it is paying it forward, preventing wounds from becoming scars, or simply gaining real-world experience, the supervisors of the troubled youth home in Short Term 12 are not working there for themselves. This darling independent film springs back and forth between clever one-liners and the children and teenagers who act out with actis of quiet desperation.

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Intuition and technology are not mutually exclusive, as technology drives humans away from their natural environments and behaviors. Then there are designers who know how to bring these two seemingly disparate concepts back together, even before we knew we needed them to commingle. Steve Jobs recognized that these two concepts in concert can bring joy and wonder to every home.

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Just a few years ago, The Cove explored a depressing but eye-opening look at the state of dolphins as a magnificent, unappreciated animal that did not bode well in captivity, and was heavily overkilled in a small Japanese fishing town. Last year, an orca was the catalyst in Rust and Bone.

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Simply too little, too late. Girl Most Likely is repetitious in the wake of films with similar premises and better execution. Directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, the team behind American Splendor and Cinema Verite, and starring Kristin Wiig in her first post-SNL starring role, Girl Most Likely is monotonous and trying.

The Kings of Summer
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The cutthroat board game Monopoly might have divided more families than have brought together, and in The Kings of Summer, it is a catalyst that drives men mad. This 2013 comedy is an endearing ode to attain freedom during one’s adolescence. Filled with both promising newcomers and cult comedy stars, The Kings of Summer is never forceful in its humor. It depicts the freedom of nature as a beauty to behold and manhood as an earned attribute.

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Francis Ford Coppola made four of the most important films of the 1970s back-to-back-to-back, but the financial failure of One From the Heart drove him to work hand-in-hand with the studios. His ten year break between The Rainmaker and Youth Without Youth, followed by Tetro, gave him a chance to focus on his Napa Valley vineyard and nurture projects within his family. His most recent film is also his new misstep.

Only God Forgives
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Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn’s follow-up to his much-loved indie gangster flick, Drive, is a difficult, hyper-real, and aesthetically progressive film, but it lacks the strong, sensitive narrative of its predecessor.

The To Do List
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Humanity’s complex societies have made our species rather ignorant of our individual sexual maturation. Sex has become both awkwardly depressing and comedic as we navigate the literal and figurative ins and outs. The To Do List depicts one young woman’s goal to experience the whole roster of sexual activities the summer just before her freshman year at college.