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In 1993, Joe Douchett (Josh Brolin) is an advertising executive at a low scale firm. After he blows off his daughter’s 3rd birthday party to woo a new client at dinner, he then sabotages himself by hitting on his new client’s wife. Joe takes to the streets and drinks excessively, and even stops by a bar owned by his long-time friend Chucky (Michael Imperioli). When Joe wakes up the next day in a modern apartment that is locked from the outside.

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While the events of the Occupy Movement have certainly faded now more than they had when The Hunger Games was released in theaters, its sequel, Catching Fire captures the growing dissent amongst Panem citizens as Katniss Everdeen’s unconventional fighting tactics provided hope to the downtrodden.

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Triple threat filmmaker Dan Eberle has torn a page or two from the fertile scripts of David Mamet to craft Cut To Black, a gritty-but-polished crime drama about a disgraced ex-cop’s last bid at salvation. In addition to directing and writing the film, Eberle plays Bill Ivers, a former corrupt police officer who lost his badge a long time ago, but can’t seem to drag himself away from the “corrupt” part.

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Save from a few campy moments, Cold Blooded is a crime thriller that is unequivocally more interesting than its Hollywood counterparts. Featuring a hyper-dynamic sense of character relationships and plot, the film is a refreshing independent effort. With so many filmmakers wishing to replicate and honor the Tarantinos, Rodriguezes, and Romeros of the world, it’s impressive to see a young filmmaker find their own voice and express that voice through resourceful filmmaking.

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The progress of humanity in space always moves forward, but tragedy often takes us another step back. Gravity expresses the balance of beauty and treachery of space; the possibilities are still infinite, if not beyond our comprehension. Like space, the film is constantly awe inspiring, even in the captivating suspense where mere seconds are the difference between tragedy and survival.

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Prisoners arrives just as America has experienced many of the same devious topics in the current news narrative: torture, vigilante justice, and child abductions. The events of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, Ariel Castro, and the debates regarding the definitions of torture, places the film in a modern light, but it is depicted with a classicism that will prompt high replay value.

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Our modern culture has become so accustomed to franchises that the conversations leading up to that penultimate film spark controversies on whether the story’s end will live up the first couple of installments.

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Not long after Ruth (Rooney Mara) tells Bob (Casey Affleck) that she is pregnant, they commit armed robbery with another accomplice in a small town in Texas Hill Country. Several days later, the three are in a firefight with the police. Their third man is shot dead and Ruth shoots and wounds Officer Patrick Wheeler (Ben Foster). After they surrender, Bob admits that he was the one that had shot Officer Wheeler, and receives a long-term prison sentence in return.

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“Atypical” would be the word that best describes the story and performances in Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen’s most recent film. From the transformative performances from comedians Louis C.K.

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Whether it is paying it forward, preventing wounds from becoming scars, or simply gaining real-world experience, the supervisors of the troubled youth home in Short Term 12 are not working there for themselves. This darling independent film springs back and forth between clever one-liners and the children and teenagers who act out with actis of quiet desperation.