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Allison Janney

The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back

There is no hiding the stereotypical characters and plot in The Way Way Back, while the exposition can be nauseating provoking some to walkout. However, if you stay the course, the reward is a film that is thoughtfully executed despite the conventional teenage coming-of-age narrative. It is the humble summer flick for the thoughtful cinema goer: simple but exploratory, and delightfully endearing.


Margaret Movie Review

Originally shot in 2006, Margaret is a beast of a film that walks the thin line between masterpiece and utter failure. The film is filled with literary allusions that coincide with the political and cultural strife in post-9/11 Manhattan. Finally released in a form that is well over 150 minutes, the film is a tough journey for a young woman who attempts to gain control her hormones, her guilt, and her education.

Away We Go

Away We Go Movie Review

Sam Mendes entered the world of cinema from the stages of Broadway with the critical and box-office success with American Beauty, the 1999 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture. Since then, he has continued to direct spectacular films such as Revolutionary Road and Jarhead. His 2009 subtle comedy Away We Go allowed Mendes to take a challenging step back into more a dialogue-centric plot filled with hope, a drastic change from the darker earlier films of his career.