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cin•e•ma (sin’ə•mə) noun

  1. Chiefly British. motion picture.
  2. the cinema, motion pictures  collectively, as an art.
  3. Chiefly British. a motion-picture theater.

funk1        (fuhngk) noun

  1. cowering fear; state of great fright or terror.
  2. a dejected mood: He’s been in a funk ever since she walked out on him.

funk2        noun

  1. music having a funky quality.
  2. the state or quality of being funky.
  3. a strong smell; stench.

CinemaFunk is a website dedicated to providing movie reviews and film criticism from a culturally educated and passionate viewpoint. Many websites and blogs that offer movie reviews and industry news are driven by hype, gossip and biases, often times re-spinning news from another source as if it was their own. The goal of CinemaFunk is buck this trend and interpret and provide close readings of mostly new and some classic films. Along with movie reviews, in-depth articles that utilize film history and theory are procured to

While the word “criticism” has a particular stigma to it, the word itself is not inherently negative or positive. CinemaFunk aims to provide film criticism this is both sophisticated and entertaining. Instead to promoting films, CinemaFunk wants readers to think about new films and how they interact with contemporary culture.

Why CinemaFunk?

I developed CinemaFunk as a hobby as an escape from a job that I did not enjoy. As a young teenager, I became fond of Alfred Hitchcock at a young age and my interests in film grew from there. After learning video production throughout high school and studying Cinema Studies in college I found myself with an unfulfilling job as a copy writer and web developer. Soon I found myself enjoying films on my own, and with a wealth of critical knowledge I found myself with no one to discuss them with. Along with my growth of knowledge of content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal, and my understanding of SEO, I chose to develop my own outlet to express my interpretation of films that I was seeing. In 2010 I began to work towards my Master’s degree in Cinema Studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design, which I obtained in 2012, and have brought what I have learned to CinemaFunk.

Swimming against the current of movie blogs and most other film-related websites, CinemaFunk has grown steadily focusing on sustained visitor interaction. Film Criticism may appear to be dying to some. In reality, it is growing, along with the growth of independent cinema worldwide. Just like the digital video formats have made filmmaking more accessible to filmmakers, the internet allows millions of professional and amateur film critics and movie reviewers to state their opinions and criticism. The accessibility does lead to bloated opinions and CinemaFunk’s goal is to provide quality writing about film.

– Aaron Weiss


CinemaFunk is looking for volunteer contributors for movie reviews and film criticism. If you are interested, please head over to our contribute page. Must already have a large repertoire of work available and an interest in pursuing writing about film in a sophisticated sense.



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