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CinemaFunk has many advertising opportunities available. Please contact us if you are interested in advertising. It is recommended that read our Disclosure Policy to ensure that you are aware of this website’s policies.


Source: Google Analytics (October 2013)

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Advertising Stipulations:

In order to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines as well as provide the best user experience, CinemaFunk has strict set of guidelines for potential advertisers.

  • All paid sponsor links in a post will be placed in a box after a review, or for film criticism article in the middle, and is clearly labeled with wording that denotes that the post has been sponsored. A link to our disclosure policy must always be present to give our users the assurance that the content has not been influenced in any way. You may view an example of a sponsored post by visiting our movie review of Drive.
  • Images and text links will be placed with headings that denote a partnership.
  • The advertiser may not influence any content in any way. It is up to the advertiser to determine whether there is a conflict of interest before payment.
  • No more than two links will be provided on a sole article. All links including the exact anchor text must be provided prior to publishing. No links may be redirected to a link not provided and disclosed, otherwise the rel=”nofollow” tag will be added and/or the link(s)s will be disabled without a refund.
  • Sponsored content will be published and promoted in the same form as other blog posts on our website. Meaning, the sponsored post will be pushed off the page naturally as more fresh and recent content is submitted. However, the post will always remain intact and available on our website, as long as all other terms and conditions are met at anytime.
  • No javascript, cookies, or other coding will be provided in the page beyond typical and validated HTML code.
  • The link that you are requesting must be a part of a website that is not penalized by the search engines operated by Google, Bing or Yahoo!.
  • CinemaFunk primarily publishes content for American and/or English speaking readers. Please be sure that your business or website offers products or services that can be used legally by American users.
  • All monetary figures are USD.
  • CinemaFunk is not responsible for any downtime, as there are always circumstances out of our control.

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