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CinemaFunk is looking for new contributors. However, there are some qualifications:

  • Have either three reviews and/or one essay of high quality already published elsewhere
  • Must be currently pursuing or have earned a college or university degree in Film Production, Cinema/Film/Media studies, Philosophy, English, or a relevant equivalent
  • Must have a willingness to learn about new and classic films from different parts of the world, genres, styles
  • Provide a minimum of 1 contribution each week. Either as a blog post, movie review, book review, or film criticism article
  • Submit to read a rigorous list of books about film

Before you contact us about becoming a contributor, please take a gander at some of our film reviews and film criticism to get a sense of the website’s style. Essentially, all material should be more than “I liked it”, but less than a doctoral thesis.

CinemaFunk aims to interpret films as they are released and see where they fit in film history and in the cultural zeitgeist. If you do not have a clear and broad understanding of film history (and yes, it does occur before Quentin Tarantino) and you do not know what zeitgeist is (without looking it up), you might not be a good fit.

More importantly, we are looking for someone who has a voice that stands out amongst the crowd, and have an unbreakable urge to write about film in an intelligent manner.

If you think you’ve got the chops, then head over to the contact page and drop a line. We’ll ask for a resume and links to your samples later.