The Auteurs, an affordable streaming art-house movie service in cahoots with Criterion and Janus films has just calculated the Top 50 films of the decade according to the website’s community. Very interesting results indeed.

You will find 3 Charlie Kaufman Films, All three films from Wes Anderson, All three Tarantino flixs, nearly all the Oscar winners and some surprises as well.

At first, I was very excited by this list. Nearly all films were exceptional and well crafted. I couldn’t submit a better list myself. But after a moment, I began to realize that The Auteurs is a website with a niche. Art-house lovers.

This is a very concise list for those who really enjoy film, and all entries are deserving of their rank, although I have to say the ranks don’t matter, just that these films did rank.

View the list here.

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