As stated in our Blue Valentine review earlier this month during the 2010 Savannah Film Festival, the film has been given the dreaded NC-17 rating. The scene in question is no more obscene or graphic than any other horror film or any film with depictions of sex and this film is not worthy of this treatment.

The Weinstein Company has launched a petition that they hope to use during their appeal to the MPAA to lower the rating without cutting the film.

Blue Valentine is easily one of the best films of the year. The true discomfort that this film generates is due to the realistic portrayal of a crumbling relationship, not the scenes in question. The MPAA has confused their discomfort of a truthful depiction of a relationship with that of a sex scene that is meek compared to what is often given R ratings.

I believe that all fans of cinema and art will appreciate this film and it would be an absolute travesty if this film does not reach the American audience that it is geared to speak to.

I’ve studied the capricious and inconsistent nature of the MPAA and the Classification and Ratings Administration all this past fall during my studies at SCAD (I plan on publishing this essay on CinemaFunk in the coming weeks). Please take a moment and sign the petition, it may be the only way the common American movie-goer can speak out against an organization that refuses truly serve the American consumer.

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