Last month was the Florida Film Festival I had a blast volunteering for nearly 40 hours within 10 days while I worked full-time at my day job. I saw several films, all of which that I reviewed here on CinemaFunk. One of my last volunteer shifts I had the pleasure to see the end of the John Cassavetes retrospective.

Hosted by my former UCF instructor, Peg O’Keefe with guests Gena Rowlands who was Cassavetes’ wife and Seymour Cassel who was a long-time collaborator. I stood there and realized that I had never seen any films directed by John Cassavetes. I’ve heard of him, but never experienced his work.

Between May 17th-31st, CinemaFunk will review and discuss several of his films in a John Cassevettes Restrospective, screened in order of their release. I know nothing of any of these films and I’m looking forward to learning greatly from this director.

Join CinemaFunk as we navigate through the work and growth one of the most important figures in independent cinema, John Cassavetes.


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